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Originally from Cambridge Kieran firstly completed a biotech science degree at Waikato University before then going onto Vet School at Massey University. Kieran’s first job was here at Marks+Ewen arriving in 2002, a fresh enthusiastic young face he kicked off his career as a vet spending 5 valuable years learning the ropes of the industry from Jim, Bill and team. With Kieran’s quest for offshore experience he did a stint at Ballarat Veterinary Practice (Equine Division), Victoria Australia, then ventured further north to spend a decade at the Singapore Racing Club gaining vast knowledge in an exhilarating and challenging atmosphere. During his time in Asia he completed a Postgraduate study through Edinburgh Vet School Scotland.  

When Kieran’s time in Singapore came to an end, and the call of the clean green memory of home was calling, he had one place in mind. Arriving back in NZ late 2017 armed with international experience, he would continue where he left off over a decade ago - Marks+Ewen proudly welcomed Kieran back. Now a senior member as Head of Veterinarians, Kieran together with the Marks+Ewen team look forward to a bright future. Kieran has valuable ability across all Equine health and management but holds a special interest in Ophthalmology, Sports Medicine and Anaesthesia.  

Helping horses is not just a career for Kieran, growing up in Cambridge - another horsing hub, he had a strong interest as a boy riding, then as he got older following the races. It was a natural choice to enter the equine industry, feeling completely at home around horses like second nature. Kieran’s interests outside of his career is indoor rowing where as recent as 2015 saw him win gold for his age group at the Australian Nationals. Lastly Kierans loves a good red wine… we are not sure, but it could have been something he also learnt off Bill and Jim?




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Marks Ewen & Associates Ltd 
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Marks Ewen & Associates Ltd
Equine Veterinary Hospital
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